PCGrate-S v.6.6 32/64-bit

License type, UI-type Price
complete-type-software, sl, permanent $ 5403
gui-type-software, sl, permanent $ 3781
xml-type-software, sl, permanent $ 2701

$ 2,701$ 5,403



The PCGrate®-S v. 6.6-6.7 32/64-bit series software products consist of five main parts:
  • The Main application with an expert-friendly interface and input and output (GUI & Complete types) Open GL 2-D and 3-D plots.
  • The External solver, which performs calculations and provides full control over the calculation process (including smart internal cache and parallel solving by multi-core/processor systems).
  • The Border Profile editor, which supports ten types of border profiles: Trapezoidal, Triangular, Lamellar, Sawtooth, Sine trapezoidal, Sinusoidal, Polygonal, Absolute planeTrigonometric, and Cubic spline. The Border Profile Editor has a possibility to work with non-function border profiles and to add random microroughness on one facet (part) of a border profile and generate asperities of any kinds including those having the Gaussian correlation function.
  • The Refractive Index editor, which supports “ri” and “ari” formats.
  • The Console Solver utility (XML & Complete types), which employs a graphical version of the Solver application (PCGrate-S(X) Solver).

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