PCGrate-S(X) release 6.6 32/64-bit is available

PCGrate-S(X) release 6.6 32/64-bit is available  
PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.6 32/64-bit software with many adds and improvements is available for a release as from August 1, 2014. The new optical mounting (“Fix Focus”) and relevant photon energy unit (“eV”) were added to this version. Fix Focus is an optical mount configuration for a reflected order where the reflected order is observed at a fixed ratio c of polar diffraction and incidence angle cosines that is used at x-ray-EUV synchrotron radiation sources in plane grating focusing monochromators. In version 6.6, the “E(-1) refl and the “E(-1) trans buttons were added to quickly plot efficiency of reflected/transmitted order #-1 graphs. If there are multiple suitable scanning parameters, then an additional dialog appears and you have to choose one. Conical diffraction algorithms to predict reflection grating efficiencies in short waves were substantially improved.  
A lot of minor changes were implemented both in the code and the documentation.
The last SentinelВ® HASP HL driver installer was included to the version.  
Important: input and output data formats (grt- and pcg- types) were changed! In order to convert .grt files from PCGrate v. 6.5 32/64-bit software to .grt files for PCGrate v. 6.6 you can use the provided converter tool.  
Click here to download PCGrate DEMO v.6.6 Complete.