PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.5 32/64-bit is updated

PCGrate®-S(X) update of v. 6.5 32/64-bit is available  
PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.5 32/64-bit software with some improvements and a few minor bugs fixed is available for an update as from March 21, 2014. The version update supports Windows® 8(.1) and UAC “On” for users having non-administrative privileges. A few minor bugs connected with (1) conical diffraction calculus for Absolute plane borders in Separating Solver, (2) input (grt-type) file opening by double-clicking and (3) paralleling under plane sections for plane gratings were fixed in updated PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.5 32/64-bit series. Export and import of Microsoft® Excel and text files in Border Profile Editor were extended.  
Important: input and output data formats (grt- and pcg- types) were not changed !  
Click here to download updated PCGrate DEMO v.6.5 Complete.