Presentation at Days on Diffraction 2009

Presentation at the Days on Diffraction International Conference, May 2629, 2009, St. Petersburg, Russia
An integral equation conical solver: some formulas and numerical experiments
L. I. Goray and G. Schmidt
We present some formulas derived from the developed boundary integral equation theory, which are important for calculations of the efficiency, absorption, and polarization angles of gratings in conical diffraction. Examples of efficiency computations of x-ray grazing-incidence, high-conductive anomalously absorbing, high-spatial-frequency deep transmission, and cross-polarized symmetrical-groove-profiled gratings are considered. The solver tested has been found universal and accurate for calculating various off-plane diffraction problems. ISBN: 978-5-9651-0358-4.
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The lecture is published in IEEE Xplore, IEEE Catalog No.: CFP09489-PRT. Click here to download the full text.