Presentation at Days on Diffraction 2008

Presentation at the Days on Diffraction International Conference, June 3-6 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia
A boundary integral equation method in short-wavelength-to-period diffraction on multilayer 1D gratings and rough mirrors
L. I. Goray
Diffraction problems by 1D multilayer structures having arbitrary border profiles including edges are considered at smallest wavelength-to-period ratios. The integral equation theory is so flexible that one can point out a few areas of its modifiability. In this work special attention is paid to physical models and low-level details, as well as to the generalization of the power balance criterion for the case of absorbing gratings. In the case of shallow gratings and mirrors, introducing speed-up terms produces an adverse numerical effect because of the ensuing uncontrolled growth of coefficients in analytically improved asymptotic estimations. ISBN: 978-5-9651-0277-8.
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The lecture is published in IEEE Xplore, IEEE Catalog No.: CFP08489-PRT. Click here to download the full text.