PCGrate-S(X) v.6.4 is updated

PCGrate-S(X) update v.6.4 32/64-bit is available  
PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.4 32/64-bit series software with some improvements and a few fixed minor bugs and misprints is available for an update as from September 24. The User’s Guide and the HTML Help were updated accordingly.  
With PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.4 32/64-bit series software one can simulate effects of scattering in periodical and non-periodical structures having multilayer micro/nano-roughnesses of various nature, design variable-groove-depth (VGD) & variable-line-spaced (VLS) multi-section gratings, model gratings covered with very thin or/and thick layers having arbitrary profiled borders including real & non-function ones, calculate photonic crystals & aspherical gratings, and work with conical mountings & non-planar incident waves as well as with a general polarization state.  
Important! The update has the same input and output PCGrate and Editors formats in comparison with the previous release of v. 6.4 (from July 13, 2010).  
Click here to download updated PCGrate DEMO v.6.4 Complete.