Paper is published in Applied Optics

The paper is published in Applied Optics  
Efficiency of a grazing incidence off-plane grating in the soft x-ray region  
J. F. Seely, L. I. Goray, B. Kjornrattanawanich, J. M. Laming, G. E. Holland, K. A. Flanagan, R. K. Heilmann, C.-H. Chang, M. L. Schattenburg, and A. P. Rasmussen  
Efficiency measurements of a grazing-incidence diffraction grating in the off-plane mount were performed using polarized synchrotron radiation. The grating had 5000 grooves/mm, an effective blaze angle of 14°, and was gold coated. The efficiencies in the two polarization orientations (TM and TE) were measured in the 1.5-5.0 nm wavelength range and were compared with the efficiencies calculated using the PCGrate-SX code. The TM and TE efficiencies differ, offering the possibility of performing unique science studies of astrophysical, solar, and laboratory sources by exploiting the polarization sensitivity of the off-plane grating.  
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